Monday, November 1, 2010

Masha Alalykina Converts to Islam

Translated by Abu Abdullah al-Nakhli

Masha Alalykina is a famous name in Russia and Russian speaking countries. Two years ago she was an attractive artist and model. Her fame reached its peak and her music group – Fabric – was at the top of the charts.

Masha, the former star of the cinema, dancing, and music (google her are you will see how popular she was), now wears a hijab and is teaching. She says that she hates the fake façade of her past and now feels that she is successful.

The following is a translation of an interview with this Muslim artist on the Russian site How did you put all of your success behind you and accept Islam?

Masha: By Allah’s grace I took a step in his direction. This was the will of Allah. When you were a singer did you ever think that you would become Muslim, fast, and perform the pilgrimage?

Masha: No. It did not even cross my mind that I might perform the pilgrimage and drink the best water – the water of Zamzam. Was the path that you took which led you to Islam a long path?

Masha: I became Muslim two years ago. I was reading one day when I realized that one of my close friends slipped into a coma in another city. I did not know how I could help my friend. That day, for the first time, I prayed and made supplications asking God for help.

The next day that same friend called me and said: “I saw you when I was unconscious and you helped me a lot.” I cried a lot at that instant because it was the first time in my life that I wanted something from God. What are you up to now?

Masha: I know five European languages and teach in the university. I also write some Islamically allowed songs. Do you listen to music as well?

Masha: Yes, I listen to Rayhan, Sami Yusuf, and Cat Stevens (who changed his name to Yusuf Islam after he became Muslim). Have you learned things from the Quran? Are you prepared to add Arabic to the five European languages that you know?

Masha: At first I thought it was hard to learn Arabic. But I have started and love it a lot. I think it is a key to learning more knowledge. Why are people more interested in Islam than other religions? And, why were most of the people who become Muslim involved with concerts and music?

Masha: Islam has the strongest foundation in relation to other religions. All Islamic rules can be applied to life and the path of Islam is the path of success. What feeling do you have now that you have become a Muslim?

Masha: I feel blessed. I now have the opportunity to compare what I was before and what I am now. I now have become familiar with real life and therefore I am successful.

Islam ru: How are you different than before?

Masha: A belief in Allah has changed my life. The desire to believe in Allah is in everyone’s conscience. I do not believe that Allah gave man intellect so that we live, eat, sleep, and die. Allah gave us an opportunity to live in a way that we would reach Him. Do you ever think about how much money you made before? Are you ever regretful?

Masha: Those sparkles have become worthless to me after I became Muslim. I hate them. Are you not afraid to openly show yourself as a Muslim?

Masha: No. Actually it’s the opposite, I feel that I have a duty to save others from misguidance and to become a role-model for them. Are you upset that your previous pictures are on the internet?

Masha: I do not like to look at the pictures myself. But, there is no problem for people to see them and learn from them. They should know that a person can be born again and start over from scratch. A person can repent and clean away all of the filth of their past by performing righteous deeds, insha’Allah. What can you say about Islam to other people?

Masha: Islam says that if you are unable to think about Allah at least try to rid yourselves of bad qualities - bad qualities such as self-love, arrogance, envy, oppression, lying, praising oneself, and worshiping oneself. If one wants to take a step towards Islam all they have to do is think and seek help from their conscience. What message do you have for Muslims?

Masha: I hope that the righteous deeds of my brothers and sisters will be accepted by Allah and I pray that He has mercy on their families. And for non-Muslims?

Masha: I am hopeful for people who have yet to become Muslims to come to themselves and to think beyond all the trash that is presented to them in this age.